Netgroup Energy has many years of experience in both fluid and structural dynamics. We have access to run all major commercial codes to simulate and solve physical phenomena in the fields of structural and fluid dynamics. A small selection of our services are summed up in the following points:

Structural Dynamics

  • Structural dynamics and fatigue analysis
  • Static and dynamic building analysis
  • Seismic analysis, including producing response spectrum for buildings
  • Fracture mechanics and FFS (fitness for service)
  • Structural verification of components (i.e. valves, pumps etc)
  • Nonlinear material models
  • Very god knowledge on ASME, EUROCODE among other norms

Fluid Dynamics

  • 1d simulation, includeing producing loads for piping systems
  • General cfd analysis
  • Heat transfer analysis
  • Turbulence modelling
  • Detailed analysis of valves, mixers and heat exchangers
  • Simulation of fire and explosion

For more information please contact us at the following:


Magnus Ohlson

+46 31 720 7127